Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My background should no longer be black.

...but it has been. And this blog has been silent. For a year. Funny, that I feel the need to blog again, after a year... Seasons of life, I guess.

The girls are 7 and 4 1/2. I have read back through some of my previous posts, and I'm so glad they are there. I feel like now I've lost a year of that. I'm going to try and not do the same this year.

As usual, a lot has happened in this year. 2011. I got my dream job. I work for Disney. It's as magical as one would imagine. It takes genius to make the magic. I am just helping the genius.. I am not said genius. I will say that I am blown away by the complexity and intensity of this job. Lord, help me keep up.

John has made me a hunting widow this week. Miley had surgery twice this month, and she has also earned her way out of our family. She snapped at Hardy over food. Kylee was in the way, and her knee was bleeding. She's going to find a new family to love. She is awesome. I pray that they realize that.

So the stats on the girls... Kayden is in First Grade. Kylee is home with me every day, and she is so smart. I am amazed by the two of them. I had no idea that I would ever make something so beautiful, and that it would be so perfect. Twice.

It's hard to summarize a year, you know? My photography is gradually growing, also. I was commissioned to do and sold an album to a firm decorating the inside of the Applebees that will be built down the road... whoa. I fell into that one. She Googled, found me, loved my work and called. I'm proud of it, but it's fleeting. I have to do a bigger and better project.. Always pushing...

Kayden is on a select softball team and is in voice. She is doing well with both...

Kylee is going to be a vet. No doubt. She is so loving and caring. She wears her heart outside of her body. She really is a little angel.

Sleep is calling. Pixie dust needs to be refueled (that's what they call it at work, when you are happy about anything Disney..), so I'm out. But, nice to see you again, blog world. I'll try to do this every day.. again... love. blessings and be nice to each other.